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We specialize in auto detailing, restoring headlamps, leather seat treatment, interior steaming, paint corrective service, and engine cleaning. We are able to come to you or you can come to us.


The journey of DHS officially started in 2013 but we have been in this business since the 80s. We specialize in paint corrective services, making your car look brand new.

Business Owner

I have been in automotive painting and paint restoration almost my whole life. My customers tell me it is something I’m very good at. I can put my work up against anyone, anywhere, and prove better.

Our Services


Carpet Cleaning

DHS professionals meet all your car washing needs. We eliminate stains from your car’s carpet and make it look as good as new. We’ll clean your carpet with care and diligence by intensive vacuuming and power washing. DHS aims to deliver exceptional auto cleaning services to leave your car feeling brand new.


DHS specializes in protecting vehicles of every kind. Our professionals deliver amazing workmanship with the latest technology and take eco-friendly measures. DHS has a dedicated team that will lead us to be rated as one of the most popular and well-known names in the automotive cleaning industry. We are constantly exploring new methods to provide our customers with top-notch services.

Paint Protection

Paint protection coating acts as a buffer between your car’s paint and harmful ultraviolet rays which can impact the appearance of your car. We, at DHS, use quality paint protection products to keep the paint shining for a long time.

Polishing Services

If your car is full of scratches, we are your option for quality polishing services. Our team makes sure that all the scratches and bumps are removed and the shininess of your car is restored.

Engine Cleaning

We also offer complete engine cleaning as a part of detailing services. We make your car look new by removing oil and grease from the engine which can contribute to the degradation of rubber and plastic parts in the long run.

Complete Interior Detailing

Our complete interior detailing services consists of cleaning the dashboard, center console, door panels, windows, compartments, and vents. We work obsessively to keep every nook and cranny up to your cleaning standards.

Paint Restoration

We restore your car’s paint from simple touch-ups to full panel repairs and help you protect your car’s paint from fading and weather erosion. Our expert body painters can match any paint color and have your car looking brand new again.

Scratch Removal

From rough keyings to barely noticeable scratches, we can remove any scratch you want. Our professionals handle the task smoothly and make it a seamless and cost-effective experience for you. Using effective methods we remove any scratch from your car and make it look as good as new.

Services Menu

Service Price Duration Category
Carpet Cleaning 30.00 0:15 Carpet Cleaning
Protectant/Coating 10.00 0:15 Protectant/Coating
Paint Protection 50.00 0:15 Paint Protection
Polishing Services 30.00 0:15 Polishing Services
Engine Cleaning 50.00 0:15 Engine Cleaning
Complete Interior Detailing 70.00 0:15 Complete Interior Detailing
Paint Restoration 90.00 0:15 Paint Restoration
Scratch Removal 40.00 0:15 Scratch Removal
Vacuuming 50.00 0:15 Carpet Cleaning
Hand Wash 20.00 0:15 Protectant/Coating
Oxidation Removal 60.00 0:15 Polishing Services
Waxing Services 33.00 0:15 Polishing Services
Fragrance/Air Freshener 12.00 0:15 Complete Interior Detailing
Window Cleaning 40.00 0:15 Complete Interior Detailing
Mobile Detailing Services 10.00 0:15 Complete Interior Detailing
Towel-Dry 32.00 0:15 Complete Interior Detailing
Interior Shampoo 51.00 0:15 Complete Interior Detailing
Underbody Wash 70.00 0:15 Complete Interior Detailing
Mobile Services 80.00 0:15 Paint Restoration
Headlight Restoration 30.00 0:15 Scratch Removal
Tire Cleaning 21.00 0:15 Scratch Removal
Wheel Cleaning 50.00 0:15 Scratch Removal
Tar, Bugs And Tree Sap Removal 54.00 0:15 Scratch Removal
Tire Detailing 70.00 0:15 Scratch Removal
Wheel and Rim Detailing 12.00 0:15 Scratch Removal

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